Business Ecosystem for the Alps


We map the existing Alps network and eco-system of Startups, Companies, Universities, Funding Organisations, Service Providers, Research and Support Organisations. Once uncovered you wouldn`t believe how much there is already out to be discovered. Join us to find out!


We then connect the eco-system actors by matching them based on their needs and characteristics. Think about dating ... just for business. Doing this cross-platform, cross-region and cross-actors brings the eco-system one step closer and improves efficiency without creating new services.

... create Opportunity!

Once connected ... we believe in People! We reduce friction and give the opportunity to easily connect. Actors will do the rest:  opportunities can be discovered and new businesses, funding, investments, ideas and innovation within the whole working ecosystem emerge. 


What is alpscrowd?

Alpscrowd basically is a big intelligent database that allows the eco-system to connect to eachother in an easy way.

In its core version it is free to use for all parties and can be accessed via its mobile platforms. It provides users with the possibilty to discover opportunities and other actors by matching them together, much like in a dating platform, but on a professional and business basis.


Why AlpsCrowd

Coming from the "business world" and working with the University and Support Organisations the founders experienced their difficulties and often the missing link between them and how difficult it was to let information flow. They wanted to change that by providing an online platform that was complex in its core, but yet very easy to use for all: the idea for Alpscrowd was born and is now out there to help people to leverage their network to the highest levels and to create new opportunities. 

More about the logic behind

The importance of an Ecosystem

There are many reasons why a working business and startup eco-system should be fostered: Innovation, Research, Stronger Markets, better Market Competition, better defense vs. competitors, etc. etc.

And the beauty is that there are no negative effects of a working eco-system!

The main issues we are adressing though are awareness and information flow. Not only does the so speaking right hand in the Alps region not know what the left hand is up to, but often the right hand doesn`t even know that there is a left hand at all!

This goes for all actors: Startups don't find Mentors and Investors, Investors don`t find suitable Startups, Companies miss out on opportunities and don't find the right Support Providers, Universities struggle to connect to Companies and Reasearch Organisations often have a hard time to find a suitable market just to name a few.

The existing eco-system we map looks like this:


By improving awareness and Information Flow between the actors and by matching them with smart algorithms we assist the transformation process happening in Innovation (and therefore new business generation). A startup eco-system is much more complex, diversified, less monolitic and therefore more difficult to steer than the "old" Innovation system.


Hannes Pardeller


Experience in finance, startups, social network analysis and passionate about innovation and new business creation.

Roberto Radivo


Multiple experiences in Business Developement and Process coordination for corporations and SME`s.

Hannes Wiedmer


IT, web and user experience master. Loves the magic in innovation and to experiment with cutting edge technology.